Fluval Edge Aquarium Review

The Fluval EDGE Aquarium range offers a high quality fish tank with a unique design that suits almost any modern home or office. Fluval have designed a world first 3D water cube aquarium and it provides a great view of the aquarium at any angle. The EDGE aquarium comes as a complete package with filtration and is easy to assemble, setup and clean.

Options Available

23 Litre Fluval EDGE aquarium in pewterThe Fluval EDGE aquarium comes in 23 and 46 litre designs. The 23L tank has a length of 43 cm, width of 26 cm and height of 22.4 cm. The total dimensions of the included tank stand and light hood extends the height to 38.5 cm and width or 35 cm (the length remains the same). The 46L tank has total dimensions of 43 cm in width, 26cm in depth and 44.8 cm in height (total hight with light hood is 59.5 cm). Overall, the 46L EDGE is two times bigger than the 23 L version. It is important to note that both of these tanks are not overly big aquariums and they really are the perfect home or office small/medium fish tank.

These aquariums are also available in burnt orange, pewter and matte black (which is the most popular colour). You can see each colour in the images on this page.


Viewing angles

Fluval EDGE 46L BlackThis is one of the best features of the EDGE design. This allows the aquarium to be complete filled with water (all the way to the top). The EDGE design means that the normal distorted view from the top of an aquarium doesn’t occur with this fish tank. It offers full 360 degree viewing! This sealed design also has the added advantage of reducing evaporation.


The tank features a built in light stand with low power LED lighting. LED lights have replaced the halogen lighting that was formerly used with this tank and we think this is a great improvement. The LEDs are low energy and create a wonderful shimmering light effect, they also have a night time mode which looks great. This is a really well thought out design!


The filtration system for the Fluval EDGE maintains the high standards that we expect from this company. There is a 3 stage advanced filtration system that is completely hidden away within the design! The 3 stage Hagen’s Aquaclear filter system offers mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. This keeps the water in good condition so you can spend less time cleaning and maintaining your tank and more time enjoying your fish!


Maintenance on the Fluval Edge couldn’t be easier and the filter has lift out media trays, which make cleaning the system easy.


This range of fish tanks is very easy to setup and can be assembled in under 20 minutes. The following video will show you the basics of setting up your Fluval EDGE aquarium:


The cost of the 23L tank ranges from $199-250 and the 46L tank ranges from $250-400. It is important to compare prices between the many different stores because most sellers offer a discount on the RRP.

Our Review

23L EDGE in burnt orangeThe Fluval EDGE aquarium offers a complete aquarium package in a stunning design. Surprisingly, they are also relatively affordable and really make the perfect aquarium package for beginners or seasoned fish lovers. The 360 viewing angles and fully sealed design is unique and provides a great view of the aquarium. The filter is high quality and is easy to clean and maintain. These aquariums are now one of the best selling designs and we think that many other manufacturers will begin to create similar designs. Overall, if you are looking for an all-in-one fish tank package we highly recommend you check out the Fluval EDGE aquarium.

5 / 5 stars      

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